Spiritual Direction


Spiritual direction (often called spiritual guidance or spiritual companioning) is the process where one person accompanies another as they seek to deepen and clarify their walk with God.  The focus of the direction session is the directee's life experience as they seek to follow God in all their endeavors.  The director helps the directee notice, savor and respond to God's presence.  Spiritual direction sessions are confidential and occur usually once a month.  Spiritual direction is not counseling or therapy.  For further explanation of the spiritual direction relationship visit the website of Spiritual Directors International at www.sdiworld.org.


HeartPaths Individual Spiritual Direction


Some faculty members reserve several hours a week for individual spiritual direction.  For information or to begin a direction relationship contact our Director Dr. Bob Gardenhire III at revbg3@msn.com.


Group Spiritual Direction Using the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius


Group spiritual direction at HeartPaths takes the form of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Retreat in Daily Life.  This classic process of spiritual growth can be described as a nine month prayer journey through the life of Jesus sprinkled with exercises and disciplines used by Ignatius to see the key themes of Jesus' life and ministry.  In this prayer journey participants commit 45 to 60 minutes of prayer every day except for the day when the group meets in its 90 minute session.  A ten minute reflection on the day is also done daily.  


Although each participant's experience in the Exercises varies, participants can expect to deepen their relationship with Christ and explore key themes of the spiritual life.  Among those themes are spiritual freedom, the gifts of their life story, the presence of God in all things, the call to join Christ in his ongoing mission, and how to discern the movement of God in their lives.


Spiritual Exercises groups begin in September of each year following some preparation at home during August.  Group size is limited to 8 to 10 participants. 



"Helping people tell their sacred stories everyday."

                                                      - Spiritual Directors International


"To listen another's soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that one human being ever performs for another."

                                                     - Douglas Steere